13.1.43. Removal and installation of facing of a door of a back

Facing of a door of a back. Sporty coupe

1 — a handle Level
2 — the Lower facing
3 — the Button of a lock cable
4 — Side facing of a frame
5 — the Lock bracket
6 — the Top facing of a frame
7 — the Lock bracket
8 — the Cover
9 — the Central facing
10 — the Lock pad
11 — Screws
12 — the Cover
13 — the Decorative level

Sporty coupe


The designations "oben" (top) and "unten" (bottom) belong to a closed position of a door of a back.


1. Open a back door.
2. Take out razzhimny a clip from a level of the handle (1).
3. Take out 2 pads from an aperture for the handle and pull a level for the handle from a back door.
4. Pull the lower facing (2) from a door of a back down and remove.
5. Turn out the button (3) of a lock cable of the right and left shelf from side facing of a window.
6. Separate and remove by means of a plastic wedge, for example, of HAZET 1965-20 side facing of a frame (4) at a back window from holders of brackets (5) on the right and at the left.
7. Disconnect the top facing (6) from below from holders of brackets (7) and remove facing up. At the same time do not break plastic levels inside.
8. Disconnect a cover (8) from the central facing of a door of a back (9). At the same time put a plastic wedge below and disconnect a cover from three holders (10).

The cover (8) on an illustration is shown the increased size.

9. Turn out screws (11) behind a cover and below at facing (9).
10. Disconnect facing below and remove it from a back door up.



1. Insert the central facing below into guides and record. Fix facing on a back door.
2. Further installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.