13.1.40. Removal and installation of a door of a back

Station wagon and sporty coupe



1. Open a back door.
2. Remove facing of a door of a back, address appropriate section.

3. Take out cable conducting (3). Disunite all sockets (1) and disconnect all wires (2) on a door of a back and pull out them through cable conducting (3). On an arrow 2 screws are specified. On an illustration the Station wagon model back door is shown.

4. Disconnect a water hose at a connecting element or a jet of windscreen washer and take out through cable conducting.
5. Sporty coupe: By means of a plastic wedge separate facing in a back part of a roof and pull it a little back. Carefully insert wooden whetstone 65 mm high between a roof and facing.

Before removal of a gas-filled emphasis ask surely the assistant to take a back door. Otherwise the door can fall since it is not kept by one emphasis.

6. Disconnect a gas-filled emphasis from a spherical support on doors of a back and remove it. For this purpose raise an emphasis the screw-driver a little (an arrow on an illustration). The second emphasis is removed similarly.

7. Versatile person: Turn out two bolts of fastening on each loop at the left and on the right (shooters on an illustration).
8. Sporty coupe: Turn off 2 nuts on a loop between a roof and facing.
9. By means of the assistant remove a door of a back and put it on a lining.



1. Put a back door by means of the assistant and screw fastening bolts, without clamping them.
2. Close a door of a back and check gaps, if necessary adjust them.
3. Wrap bolts of a nut of fastening the moment of 9 Nanometers.
4. Establish a gas-filled emphasis on a spherical support and insert a lock ring. Similarly establish the second emphasis.
5. Further installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.