13.1.10. Removal and installation of the lever of a back screen wiper

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1. Moisten back glass with water.
2. Start for a short time a screen wiper and stop it the switch. Thus the cleaner comes to extreme situation.
3. Mark the provision of a brush at correctly adjusted levers on glass, for example, with an adhesive tape.

4. Cast away a cap (1) and turn off a nut (2).

5. Cast away the lever (3) and remove it.

 At the same time do not damage the jet inserted into a cleaner axis.



1. Make sure that the electric motor of a screen wiper is in extreme situation. If necessary start the electric motor for a short time and stop the switch.
2. Install the screen wiper lever on an axis and expose on the mark put with an adhesive tape at removal.
3. Screw a nut (2).
4. Double-check extreme position of levers. For this purpose close a cowl, moisten glass with water and for a short time start a screen wiper. Levers have to return to the established situation and should not go beyond glass at purification of glass.
5. If necessary once again turn off nuts and repeat adjustment.
6. Fix a nut (2) by the moment of 12 Nanometers and put on a cap.