13.1.12. Removal and installation of a cowl



1. Open a cowl and establish it vertically.
2. Remove a lattice of a forward spoiler, address appropriate section.
3. Disunite the socket of a heater of a jet of windscreen washer and remove hoses from a jet as it is described in the Section Removal and installation of a jet of windscreen washer of a windshield.
4. If the solar sensor is installed, disunite its socket located under a ventilation lattice.
5. Disconnect wires from holders on a cowl.
6. For simplification of the subsequent installation of a cowl mark with a felt-tip pen the provision of its loops.

For removal of a gas-filled emphasis ask the assistant to take a cowl. Otherwise the cowl will fall since cannot be kept by one emphasis.

7. Disconnect a gas-filled emphasis from a spherical support on a cowl and remove. For this purpose raise the screw-driver a lock ring of an emphasis a little (an arrow on an illustration). Remove the second emphasis similarly.

8. Turn out fastening screws (arrows on an illustration) and remove a cowl by means of the assistant. Before an otvorachivaniye of screws of fastening of loops put a rag between a cowl and a body for protection against damages of a paint and varnish covering.

9. Put a cowl on a reliable lining.



1. Put a cowl into place by means of the assistant and fix by screws, without tightening them.
2. Close a cowl and check a gap on prileganiye perimeter, if necessary adjust.
3. Tighten fastening screws the moment of 8 Nanometers.
4. Establish one gas-filled emphasis on a spherical support and insert a lock ring. Similarly establish the second emphasis.