13.1.36. Removal and installation of a clamp of the lock of a luggage carrier



1. Open a luggage carrier.

2. By means of a plastic wedge remove a slip (1) at a clamp of facing of a luggage carrier. Versatile person: Remove a cap, address appropriate section.

3. Mark the provision of a clamp of the lock by means of a felt-tip pen.
4. Turn out 2 bolts of fastening (2) and take out a clamp.



1. Establish a lock clamp according to a tag and wrap fastening bolts by hand.
2. Close a luggage carrier and check the provision of a clamp. At the same time edges of a trunk lid and wings of a body have to coincide. If it is necessary, displace a clamp a little so that the luggage carrier was correctly closed.
3. Tighten fastening bolts the moment of 10 Nanometers and establish a slip in facing of a luggage carrier.