13.1.14. Adjustment of a cowl



Check a gap between a cowl and the interfaced body elements on perimeter of their prileganiye specified in Specifications.



1. Open a cowl and establish it vertically.
2. Remove the right and left clamps on a cowl as it is described in the Section Removal and installation of the lock of a cowl.
3. Unscrew screws of fastening of loops of a cowl.
4. Adjust a gap on perimeter of a prileganiye of a cowl and tighten screws the moment of 8 Nanometers.

5. Lower a cowl on the buffer and check a gap in relation to a wing. If necessary adjust the buffer on height (1) on the right and at the left so that the cowl was not warped.

6. Establish the right and left clamps.
7. Close a cowl and check operation of the mechanism of locking, having lifted a cowl breakthrough up. If necessary slightly displace the provision of a clamp or the lock of a cowl.
8. Check work of a lock hook. For this purpose release a cowl and check fixing on the holder of the lock.