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13.1.2. Cleaning and leaving

During operation your car is exposed to the most various external influences. Weather conditions, road condition, influences of sea air and industrial emissions concern to them.

These circumstances demand periodic care of a body, and also of the car bottom.

Damages from blows of stones and pollution — for example, the remains of insects, a bird's dung, wood pitches, traces of oil, fat and fuel — eliminate as soon as possible.

We chose means for leaving and developed for you recommendations which are specially calculated on our cars and constantly develop, adapting to the modern level of the equipment.

You can get funds for care of cars for any HUNDRED "Mercedes-Benzs".

Scratches, the aggressive deposits, corrosions and damages caused by irregular or wrong leaving it is not always possible to remove with the means recommended below. In such cases it is the best of all to address on HUNDRED "Mercedes-Benzs".

The major works on leaving and recommended for this means

Wash of the engine

Application of means for cleaning, as a rule, is not required any more.

You make cleaning the device for a car wash a water stream under the high pressure or a vapor jet, at the same time avoid direct hit of a stream of water on the generator — if necessary the generator should be covered.

Wash of the car

· Car shampoo.

Do not wash the car in the sun.

Then carefully wash a water stream. An entrance opening of ventilating system condition only a weak stream waters. Use a plentiful amount of water. Often rinse a sponge and suede. Wash away shampoo from the car clear water, carefully wipe with suede.

In the winter as soon as possible delete the salt remains for topping of roads more carefully.

At a sink of the bottom of the car do not forget inside of wheels.

At strong pollution before a sink in automatic installation carrying out preliminary cleaning of the car is recommended.

After a wash of the car in washing installation you watch that mirrors were put completely forward outside, otherwise they can vibrate.

Bituminous spots

· Autocleaner of bituminous spots.

Bituminous spots should be removed as soon as possible, removal of old bituminous spots is difficult.

Moisten the remains of insects with car shampoo solution.

Apply before a wash of the car.

Paint and varnish covering, details established on the car with a paint and varnish covering.

· Preserving autopolish, polish, a cleaner of paint and varnish coverings polishing cotton wool.

Do not apply directly in the sun or on not cooled down cowl.

Preserving autopolish protects a paint and varnish covering and keeps its gloss.

Apply polish at strong pollution.

Polish is used also for elimination of small scratches on the wooden details varnished.

The cleaner of paint and varnish coverings is applied to cleaning of old and weather-beaten paint and varnish coverings.

· Polishing paste.

For polishing of strongly polluted and weather-beaten paint and varnish coverings, and also for elimination of small scratches by polishing.

For prevention of formation of spots you watch that means did not adjoin to the details established on the car (for example, handles of doors, rubber laying).

· Lacquering pencil, aerosol.

For bystry temporary elimination of small damages of a paint and varnish covering.

Regularly charge to one of HUNDRED "Mercedes-Benzs" monitoring procedure of a paint and varnish covering of your car on small damages.

Decorative details

· Means for care of the chromeplated details. It is applied to the current leaving.

Wheels with disks from light alloy

· Car shampoo, a cleaner for disks from light alloy.

Whenever possible clear disks from light alloy once a week. Apply for this purpose a soft sponge, a large amount of warm water and car shampoo.

If it is not enough, use a cleaner for wheels from light alloy.

Observe "Application guide".


Kisloto-and shchyolochsoderzhashchy cleaners can cause corrosion of bolts of fastening of wheels or the holding springs of balancing small weights.

Headlights, back lamps, lamps of the additional index of turn

· Car shampoo, an autocleaner of glasses, means for removal of the remains of insects.

Apply for this purpose a soft sponge, a large amount of warm water and car shampoo.

At strong pollution apply an autocleaner of glasses or means to removal of the remains of insects.


Do not rub and do not scrape plastic lenses, do not subject them to strong pressure.

Do not apply a sponge to removal of the remains of mosquitoes or solvent (fuel, a thinner, etc.).

Cleaning of sensors of the Parktronic system on bumpers

You make cleaning of the polluted sensors-1-clear water or water with car shampoo additive.

At application of steam-ejecting installations or the water-jet washing high-pressure apparatuses you make only short-term cleaning of sensors, observing the minimum distance in 10 cm between an exit of a nozzle and the sensor.

In order to avoid scratches do not apply dry, rough or rigid napkins made of cloth, do not rub, you do not scrape and do not put pressure upon sensors.

Sink of glasses

· Autocleaner of glasses.

Regularly you make purification of glasses with an autocleaner of glasses.

It suits as well for plastic lenses.

Stekloomyvayushchy means (apply only from the outer side).

It is applied in case of strong pollution of glasses, including oils and fats.

Do not apply to plastic lenses.

Stains on a windshield after an automatic wash of the car can be avoided, having removed wax from a windshield and from rubber elements of brushes of a screen wiper by means of an autocleaner of glasses or steklomoyushchy means.

Screen wiper brush

Clear a rubber element of a screen wiper a napkin made of cloth and solution of detergent, replace a rubber element one-two times a year.

Steering wheel, gear shifting lever

· Car shampoo.

Wipe with wet towel wipes made of cloth and wipe dry.

Control panel

· Car shampoo.

· An autocleaner of glasses with effect of counteraction to fogging, neutral means for a sink of ware or solution of neutral washing means.

Wipe with the napkin made of cloth moisturized with warm solution which is not leaving fibers. Do not apply the using-up means.

Plastic and rubber details

· Car shampoo.

· Autocleaner of plastic.

Do not apply any other means, do not rub a detail with oil or wax.

The holder for drinks

The holder for drinks do not process chemical cleaners but only clear, warm water.

For cleaning simplification the holder for drinks between front seats it is possible to extend up in the closed state.

Car roof ceiling upholstery

· Cleaner of upholsteries made of cloth.

You brush, and in case of strong pollution — with use of dry foam.

Seat belts

· Cleaner of upholsteries made of cloth.

When cleaning tapes of seat belts do not apply chemical cleaners but only clear, warm water and soap, you do not dry at a temperature above 80 °C or way of direct impact of sunlight, do not bleach and do not recolour belts. It can affect their working condition.

Upholstery of seats

Owing to contact with the painting fur covers or clothes (for example, suede) color of an upholstery of seats can change. Such spots cannot be removed. At application of a suitable lining of such changes of color of an upholstery it is possible to avoid.

Upholstery of seats made of cloth

· Car shampoo, cleaner of upholsteries made of cloth, stain remover.

Often you brush also the vacuum cleaner. In case of strong pollution make cleaning with dry foam.

Leather upholstery of seats

· Car shampoo, cleaner of upholsteries made of cloth.

Wipe a leather upholstery of seats with wet towel wipes and wipe dry. It is impossible to allow blotting of a reverse side of the punched skin. Therefore it should be cleaned with extra care.

Refrigerating boxing

Completely remove thawed snow. Apply only neutral economic detergent to a washing of a cavity of refrigerating boxing. After a sink wipe dry. Wipe sealing laying of a cover with wet towel wipes made of cloth, at the same time you watch that water did not get to isolation of a cover.