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13.1.11. Removal and installation of a catchment basin



1. Open a cowl and establish it vertically.
2. Remove the right screen wiper, address the Section Removal and installation of the lever of a screen wiper of a windshield.
3. Uncover over the block of safety locks on the left side in a motive compartment. For this purpose turn plastic screws on 1/4 turns and take out a cover from the directing tire.
4. Take out from holders on a catchment basin of a wire and hoses.
5. Remove the multipurpose sensor if it is installed.

6. Turn out from a catchment basin 4 bolts of fastening (an arrow on an illustration).

7. Disconnect a catchment basin from a windshield on each side. If necessary use the special tool, for example, an exhaust hook 140 589 02 33 00th MERCEDES, having grabbed with it under a working edge.

The exhaust hook can be made independently, address the Section Removal and installation of the control panel.