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13.1.19. Removal and installation of a rear bumper

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Unlike forward the rear bumper is removed together with a cross-piece.



1. Models with the hook-on device: Turn off nuts at adjusting fingers.

2. Take out 2 razzhimny clips (1) and one nut (2) fastenings of a loker of a wing.

3. Wring out a loker of a wing aside and turn out the screw (3) between a bumper and a wing.

4. Turn out 4 lower bolts of fastening from a cross-piece.

5. Turn out a fastening bolt (the shooter on an illustration) the holder of the muffler.
6. Disunite the socket of the assistant to the parking if it is available.
7. Open a back cover. Take out a cover in the luggage carrier bottom. Take out a cover over an additional compartment for a spare wheel.
8. Release covers on the right and at the left in facing, lower them and take out.

9. Pocket at the left: Turn out the screw (1). Turn out 3 screws (2) and take out a box for tools.

10. Pocket on the right: Turn out 2 screws (1) and take out a compartment (2).

11. Left side: Turn out 1 bolt (1) and 4 nuts (2, 3, 4) of fastening of a rear bumper. (5) – a back lamp, (6) – the block of safety locks.

The 16-faced head is necessary for an otvorachivaniye of nuts (3) and (4).

12. Right side: Also turn off a bolt and 4 nuts.
13. By means of the assistant take out from guides a bumper and a cross-piece back and remove them.
14. Turn out 4 top screws from a cross-piece and separate a bumper and a cross-piece.



1. Fix a bumper to a cross-piece by 8 screws from above and from below.
2. Insert a bumper and a cross-piece by means of the assistant into guides. At the same time you watch that the bumper from the driver was correctly inserted into tires under a wing.
3. Further installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.