13.1.27. Adjustment of a door



1. Check gaps of doors with body elements. They have to be uniform on all contour of a prileganiye. The door has to lie in one plane with a wing or to be no more than 1 mm deeper.
2. Check a gap of a back door. The door has to coincide with a contour of a back wing and the lower part of a sidewall or to be no more than 1 mm deeper.



1. Completely lower glass and open a door.

2. Turn out bolts of fastening (1) and remove a clamp.

3. Turn out bolts of fastening (1) of loops of a door below and above a little.

4. Close a door and the shift of loops adjust a gap.
5. Fix bolts of loops by the moment of 32 Nanometers.
6. Fix a clamp, without tightening it.
7. Close a door and adjust the provision of a clamp, having displaced it.
8. Fix clamp bolts by the moment of 28 Nanometers.