13.1.35. Removal and installation of facing of a trunk lid




1. Open a luggage carrier and take out the warning sign from the holder.
2. Take out razzhimny clips from facing on a trunk lid. For this purpose hook a clip pin a plastic wedge, for example, of HAZET 1965-20 and take out it. The pin can be taken out differently, for example, having wrapped it a strong thread, and having pulled for a thread.

3. Take out clips (1) from facing on trunk lid wings.

4. Disconnect lock levels (2) and pull facing of wings back.

5. Turn out 2 screws of fastening.

6. Insert the narrow screw-driver or a knife into a gap in an aperture for the handle, press (arrow 3) up and separate a slip (2) from a trunk lid.
7. Disconnect a level (4) the screw-driver from a trunk lid, at the same time shift the holder of the warning sign (arrow 5) to the left and remove from a trunk lid.
8. Disconnect facing from a trunk lid and remove it.



1. Establish facing on a trunk lid, insert it between facing of wings and fix by clips.
2. Fix facing of wings by clips and lock levels.
3. Establish the holder of the warning sign on a trunk lid and displace to the right so that the level was recorded.
4. Record a slip on a trunk lid and fix it. Insert the warning sign in the holder.
5. Close a trunk lid and check correctness of its situation. If it is necessary, adjust a rubber emphasis by their rotation so that the cover was correctly closed. For this purpose lead round an emphasis above chalk, close a cover and on a print of chalk check whether a rubber emphasis adjoins.