3.28. Check, cleaning and lubricant of the coupling device

Cleaning and check


1. Uncover a spherical support of the coupling device.
2. Take out a spherical support from the car.

3. Check visually spherical head (1) and a support (2). At pollution of a support clear it by means of a vapor jet and dry air. Clear a spherical head water and a brush and wipe with a dry rag.

 It is not necessary to apply to cleaning of a spherical head steam or any solvent, such as, gasoline.

4. Measure diameter of a sphere of a connecting element (3). If diameter less than 39 mm, replace a spherical head.

Work check


1. Visually check existence of mechanical damages of a spherical head.
2. Pull the handle and turn it in situation "rot" ("red") so that the handle was fixed.
3. Insert a spherical head vertically into a support so that it was automatically recorded.

 The green tag of the handle has to be closed by a white tag on a spherical head.

4. Close the handle then it should not have an opportunity to move outside.


4 — a handle Axis
5 — a descent Axis
6 — the Guide with a sphere
7 — the Surface of descent
8 — the Directing surface


1. Oil the lock for transmissions, motive oil or universal lubricant.
2. Oil pure motive an axis of the handle (4) between a spherical head and the handle, and also an axis of descent (5).
3. Slightly grease with jellied lubricant the following parts on a spherical head:

· A guide with a sphere 6;
· Surface of descent 7;
· The directing surface 8.

4. Grease with a thin layer of jellied lubricant a support (2) in the places noted by shooters.