3.21. Cleaning of the mechanism of the movable panel of the hatch of a roof

Lifting and movable panel

Cleaning of the directing tires and blocks


1. Completely open the roof hatch panel.

2. Clear the directing tires and rams a rag.

3. Close a roof.

Panoramic glass roof with the external movable panel

Cleaning and lubricant of the directing mechanism


1. Grease external guides of the tire. For this purpose apply on guides on one drop of lubricant in three places through equal distances.
2. Open the movable panel so that the lever fell.
3. Clear a rag the directing covers and grease with paste for sliding.

The directing covers are executed in the form of the letter "U".

4. Completely open the movable panel.
5. Clear a rag external, lower and internal, top channels. Grease the surfaces of sliding with paste.
6. Clear the scenes a rag and grease the surfaces of sliding with paste.
7. Clear a rag the lever of a vetrootboynik and grease the surface of sliding with paste.
8. Several times close and open the movable panel. At the same time check correctness of functioning of the mechanism of the movable panel.
9. Remove excess lubricant.