3.23. Check of operability of headlights and horn


1. Include ignition and check operability of all external lighting fixtures.
2. By means of the assistant or having adjusted the car a backing to any wall, check operability of stoplights. When pressing a pedal of a brake only stoplights have to be lit. Turn on all possible lighting fixtures located in back block headlights (backing signals, marker lights, etc.) then again press a brake pedal. If at inclusion of stoplights you find failure in work any of other included signals, the unreliable contact with "weight" or bad contact in a block headlight can be the reason for that.
3. Now check operability of optics. Include near, then driving beam.
4. At detection of the fused lamps replace them, following the recommendations provided in the Head Kuzov.
5. Check operability of all intra saloon lighting fixtures, including illumination of a ware box and the luggage compartment. Include ignition and be convinced that all control lamps lit up. In the Head the Operation manual is in detail described what lamps have to light up at inclusion of ignition. Start the engine. Control lamps have to go out. Making a trip to night-time, check operability of all lamps of illumination (both the control panel, and the dashboard). At failure detection address appropriate section of the Head Onboard electric equipment.
Sometimes, lamps can fail because of emergence on them or on rust cartridges. Having replaced a lamp, you will not get rid of a problem. In this regard, when replacing any lamp, attentively examine a cartridge from within. At detection of deposits of green or white color remove them with an emery paper.
6. Turn on passing beam.
7. Install the regulator of range of light in various provisions and check whether beams of light of both headlights are equally adjusted.
8. In conclusion check operability of a horn.