3.19. Check of level of liquid of system of adjustment of clearance



The car should not be loaded.

1. Switch off ignition.

2. Uncover (1) on a broad tank (2) m take out the index of level.

3. Wipe the index with a rag and again insert against the stop.
4. Take out the index and determine by it oil level.
5. At cold oil its level has to be between the marks "MIN" and "MAX" (4/3) of the index. Oil is considered cold if its temperature makes about +20 °C.
6. If it is necessary, add oil in system. It is necessary to add only new oil as even insignificant pollution can result in malfunctions in work of a hydraulic system.
7. When filling system with oil it is necessary to apply a pure funnel and a sieve with a thin cell.