3.14. Check of level of oil of automatic transmission

Check of level of liquid

Tags on the probe for measurement of level of liquid of automatic transmission.

And — at a temperature of oil of 25 °C In — at a temperature of 80 °C


1. Liquid level is measured in automatic transmission at the heated-up engine and the transmission. For warming up of the power unit up to the necessary temperature you can make short (15 kilometers) a trip.
2. Place the car on a horizontal surface, reliably tighten the emergency brake. For reliable fixing of the car enclose under prop wheels.
3. Start the engine and leave to work at single turns. Press a pedal of a brake and accurately move the selector from situation P to situation 1, then back to the River.
4. The probe of measurement of level of liquid is located in a back part of the transmission. Before taking the probe, carefully wipe space around it. Hit of dirt in a box is inadmissible.

5. Take the probe and remove with rags from it all traces of liquid. Return the probe into place and take again. Level of liquid has to be between the tags applied on the probe.

 If you measure level at the cold power unit, the received result will be lower than real. Surely check level on the heated-up engine as excess of the maximum admissible level of liquid can lead to a box exit out of operation.

6. Dolivany liquids it is carried out through a well of the measuring probe. Do not allow hit of dirt in a box. Add only fresh liquid and only through a funnel (it is desirable with the filter).
7. Add liquid in the small portions, constantly checking level.
8. After you restored liquid level in a box, return the probe into place and kill the engine.
9. If you have to add often liquid in a box, it means that somewhere there is a leak. Immediately eliminate it.