3.13. Check of a condition of system of production of the fulfilled gases


1. Check has to be made at the cold engine therefore it is better to be engaged in it before a trip, the first for the present day, or not earlier than in three hours after switching off of the engine. Check a state twist systems of release, beginning from the engine and finishing with a cut of an exhaust pipe. Ideally this inspection should be carried out at the car lifted on the winch when from below to it there is free access. If the winch is inaccessible, the car and reliably install to a poddomkratta it on support.
2. Diesel engine: Remove the lower cover of the engine, address the Section Check of the Engine by means of the vacuum gage.
3. Check pipes and pipe connections for existence of signs of leaks, strong corrosion and damages. Check a state and reliability of fastening of all brackets and suspensions of system.

4. At the same time examine the car bottom on existence of holes, corrosion, the dispersed seams and other defects allowing penetration of the fulfilled gases into interior of the car. Close up all openings suitable sealant.

5. Light system of release with a lamp and survey regarding existence of holes, prorzhavely places and mastications.
6. In the presence of strong dents replace pipes of system of release.

7. Check everything rubber holders, turning and rotating them, on existence of cracks and, if necessary, replace. On an accompanying illustration rubber holders (1) and (2) basic of the muffler (3) are shown.

8. Petrol engine: Check electric accessions and reliability of fastening a lambda probe.
9. Diesel engine: Establish the lower cover of the engine, address the Section Check of the Engine by means of the vacuum gage.
10. Survey of an internal surface of an exhaust pipe allows to define the current working condition of the engine. The structure of deposits in a pipe speaks about quality of settings of the engine. If the pipe from within black and zakopchyonny, can indicate it that it is necessary to check fuel system carefully.
11. Lower the car on wheels.