3.22. Visual control of a seat belt and block of a safety cushion


1. Completely extend a seat belt and check a tape for availability of the damaged threads.

2. Damages can be a consequence, for example, of jamming of a belt or influence of the burning cigarette. In this case the belt should be replaced.
3. In the presence of mastications without signs of damage of threads it is not necessary to replace a belt.
4. The belt having the heavy course should be checked for twisting. If necessary it is necessary to remove facing on the central rack.
5. If the automatic machine of taking-up does not work, the belt needs to be replaced (work HUNDRED).
6. The tape of a belt can be cleared only soap and water. It is not necessary to apply for this purpose solvents or chemical cleaners at all.
7. Check installation sites of safety cushions for existence of damages.
8. You clean a surface of a steering wheel and panels under which knots of inflatable safety cushions are located the dry or moisturized with water rag.

 Attention! It is not allowed to paste over or fit any material a steering wheel and the surface of the forward panel on the right.