4.6.9. Removal and installation of an intermediate asterisk



1. Remove the top covers of the engine, address appropriate section.
2. Remove nozzles, address the Section Removal and installation of nozzles.
3. Uncover a head of cylinders, address appropriate section.
4. Install the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of VMT, address the Section Installation of the Piston of the First Cylinder in the provision of VMT.
5. Fix the camshaft of inlet valves as it is described in the Section Removal and installation of camshafts.
6. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain, address appropriate section.
7. Remove a forward cover, address appropriate section.
8. Remove the top guide, address appropriate section.
9. Remove TNVD.
10. Mark a camshaft asterisk in relation to a chain. For this purpose connect an asterisk and a chain a cable connector.
11. Disconnect an asterisk from the camshaft of final valves and remove together with a chain.
12. Disconnect an intermediate asterisk and take out together with the plug.



Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal. Separate operations are described in the Section Removal and installation of camshafts.
The moment of an inhaling of a bolt of fastening of an intermediate asterisk of TNVD makes 40 Nanometers.