4.6.10. Removal and installation of a natyazhitel of a chain

In the presence of noise during the work of a chain which source is the natyazhitel the last needs to be removed and checked. If it is necessary, a natyazhitel it is necessary to replace in a set.

Natyazhitel is screwed on the right side in a head of cylinders. Through an opening in a head of cylinders it is supplied with oil under pressure.



1. Install the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of VMT, address the Section Installation of the Piston of the First Cylinder in the provision of VMT.
2. Remove above a ventilation hose.
3. Remove an air inlet.
4. Remove the air filter, address the Section Removal and installation of the air filter.
5. Turn out a natyazhitel of a chain for a case hexagon from a head of cylinders.



Screw a natyazhitel of a chain (1) with a new sealing ring (2) by effort 80 Nanometers.