4.6.5. Removal and installation of a forward cover



1. Uncover a head of cylinders.
2. Turn out a natyazhitel of a chain.
3. Remove the toplivopodkachivayushchy pump.
4. Disconnect a forward cover.
5. Raise a stopper of the top guide. The top guide is not removed.
6. Remove a forward cover forward.



1. Clear the interfaced surfaces on a forward cover and an adjacent surface.

2. Put in the form of the roller 1.5 thick ± 0.5 mm sealant (1), as shown in an illustration. As sealant it is possible to apply Loctite-5900.

3. Establish a forward cover (2) and fix by its moment 14 Nanometers. At the same time fix also the holder of an electric wire of the valve of shutdown.

 Fix a cover within 10 min. after putting sealant. Do not smear sealant.

4. Install the pump of preliminary supply of fuel.
5. Establish a natyazhitel of a chain with a new sealing ring.
6. Establish a cover of a head of cylinders.