13.2.2. Removal and installation of a razzhimny clip

Razzhimna the clip consists of actually clip and the plastic screw (1) or a pin (2). The plastic screw is rolled in an opening of a clip or the pin is pressed into a clip therefore pads of a clip are unclenched.

Many covers and facings from plastic fasten by means of razzhimny clips.



1 Plastic screw: By means of the small screw-driver turn out the plastic screw a little and take out a clip for the screw from an opening.
2 Razzhimna pin: By means of the small screw-driver or nails take out a pin (2) from a clip a little.



1. Plastic screw: Insert a clip with the turned-out plastic screw into an opening and screw the screw.
2. Razzhimna pin: Insert a clip with the extended pin into an opening and press a pin.
3. Now the clip is recorded.