13.2.10. Removal and installation of facing in a cargo compartment

Versatile person



1. Cast away a back seat forward and establish it vertically.
2. Remove a side pillow of a back seat, at the same time turn out a bolt under a seat and take out a pillow from holders.

3. Uncover the screw-driver (1).

4. Turn out a bolt (2) and remove the left luggage eye.
5. Remove also right luggage eye.
6. Take out a cover of the bottom (3) behind a back seat.
7. Turn out a screw emphasis (4) for a roller. Remember its situation: The roller after installation has to adjoin to the right and left screw emphasis.
8. Uncover a side aperture.
9. Turn out 2 screws (5).
10. Disunite the socket of the socket (6) and take out side facing (7).



Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.