14.5. Relay and safety locks

Most of consumers of the electric power of the car is protected by fuses. Separate components of system of lighting, except for braking signal lamps, are protected by electronic relays.

At course of too strong current electronic interruption of an electric chain of the protected components is made. Through short time the electric chain automatically again becomes isolated at repeated emergence of malfunction the electric chain is interrupted again.

Use fuses with the required current face value.

Do not repair the fused fuses and do not shunt a crossing point.

Establish the burn-out reason.

Relays are placed in two blocks of safety locks in a luggage carrier, and also in a motive compartment.


1. Uncover the block of safety locks and take out the damaged relay by means of special nippers, for example, of HAZET 4770-1.
2. Check operability of the relay and if necessary replace with new, address appropriate section.
3. Install the relay on a payment and close a cover of the block of safety locks.
Safety locks are located in three blocks which are sideways dashboards, in a luggage carrier and in a motive compartment.

Block of safety locks 1

The block of safety locks 1 is from the driver, sideways at the dashboard.


1. Depending on execution the cover (1) is taken out from the dashboard by means of the screw-driver or for a ledge.

2. Incline a cover to the left and disconnect it from the top holder.

The cover sits in the top holder very strongly therefore for its extraction the plastic wedge, for example, of HAZET 1965-20 can be required.

3. Incline a cover further to the left, take out the directing tires above and below from openings and take out a cover from the dashboard.
4. At installation insert the directing tires into openings, close a cover and record it in holders.

Block of safety locks 2

The block of safety locks 2 is in a luggage carrier behind side facing.


1. Sedan: Take out a cover (1) from facing. Uncover (2) blocks of safety locks.

2. Versatile person: Release a cover (1) in facing and lower it. (2) – block of safety locks.

Block of safety locks 3

The block of safety locks 3 is on the left side in a motive compartment under a cover.


1. Open a cowl.
2. Uncover over the block of safety locks. For this purpose turn on ј a turn plastic screws and take out a cover from the directing tire.

3. Release clips (1), pull a cover (2) blocks of safety locks forward and remove.

4. At installation press a cover into the back tire and put on the block of safety locks. At the same time you monitor the correct provision of a cover.
5. Block a cover clips.
6. Put a cover over the block of safety locks. At the same time the cover has to enter the side directing tire.
7. Fix a cover by screws, having turned on ј a turn plastic screws.