14:16. Removal and installation of the tank of water and electric motor of the pump



1. Open a cowl.
2. Disconnect a negative cable (-) of the rechargeable battery at the switched-off ignition. It is previously necessary to remove a box of the filter of air of salon.

Before a detachment of a cable find out a protective code of the radio receiver if that is available, address the Section Replacement of the Rechargeable Battery.

3. Turn out the self-tapping screw at the union for filling of the tank of windscreen washer.
4. Lift and establish a forward part of the car on supports.

Lifting operation and installations of the car on supports is connected with danger! Therefore before carrying out operation study Poddomkrachivaniye's Section and towage of Introduction to the management.

5. Remove a forward loker, ahead and above, address the Section Removal and installation of a forward loker covered.

6. Take out water hoses and the plug (1) at electric motors of pumps (2).

Electric motors are fixed behind at the tank of windscreen washer (3).

7. Take out the socket of the switch of control of water level (6).
8. Disconnect and take out the pump electric motor from the holder on the windscreen washer tank.

9. Turn out the screw of fastening and take out a branch pipe of filling with water (4) from the tank (3). (5) - sealing ring.

10. Turn out 3 screws of fastening (an arrow on an illustration) and take out the tank from a motive compartment.



1. Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal. At the same time pay attention to that the branch pipe for filling reached the correct position in a sealing ring (5).
2. Attach a cable of mass of the rechargeable battery at the switched-off ignition. Install into place a box of the filter of air of salon. If it is necessary, enter a code of the radio receiver and determine time on hours.