14:12. Removal and installation of a back lamp



1. Disconnect a negative cable (-) of the rechargeable battery at the switched-off ignition. It is previously necessary to remove a box of the filter of air of salon.

Before a detachment of a cable find out a protective code of the radio receiver if that is available, address the Section Replacement of the Rechargeable Battery.

2. Open a cover a back luggage carrier/door.
3. Open side facing around a back lamp.
4. Disunite the socket of a back lamp.
5. If it is necessary, remove a cartridge of a lamp as it is described in the Section Replacement of Glow Lamps of Devices of External Lighting.

6. Turn off nuts (arrows on an illustration) (the back lamp the Sedan is shown).

At the Station wagon model the side nut is closed by a plate.

7. Take out a back lamp.



1. In the presence of cracks or damages of rubber laying, and also cracks of the lens it is necessary to make replacement since otherwise water will get into salon.
2. Establish a lamp with laying into place. Check correctness of provision of laying.
3. Fix a lamp by four nuts. At the same time nuts have to be evenly tightened.
4. Join the lamp socket.
5. Close side facing.