4.4.4. Replacement of chains of the GRM drive and installation of phases of gas distribution

Scheme of the chain drive of the gas-distributing mechanism (GRM) and stages of the procedure of installation of phases of gas distribution. Line petrol engine 111

Engine 111.955

Special tools:

The device for fixing of the camshaft - No. 111589031500.
Camshaft key - No. 111589014000.
Stripper of a pulley/nave of a bent shaft - No. 000589883300.
Stripper of an asterisk of a bent shaft - No. 615589013300.
The device for blocking of a flywheel - No. 601589024000.
Bolts for fixing of the lock of a flywheel – M6 x 90 mm.
Devices for fixing of a chain on asterisks of camshafts - No. 111589196100.
Tool kit for service of a chain - No. 602589024000.
Divider of links of a gas-distributing chain (element 1) - No. 602589023300.
Divider of links of a gas-distributing chain (element 2) - No. 602589056300.
Divider of links of a gas-distributing chain (element 3) - No. 602589056301.
The device for joining of links of a chain - No. 602589003900.
A set of dies for joining of links of a chain - No. 112589096300.
Toolbox - No. 602589009800.
The holder of a pulley of the viscous coupling (type 1) - No. 119589024000.
The holder of a pulley of the viscous coupling (type 2) - No. 120589020100.
Key for fixing of the viscous coupling - No. 111589020100.

General measures of precaution


1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
2. Turn out spark plugs for the purpose of simplification of a provorachivaniye of the engine.
3. If the return is not stipulated especially, turn the engine only in the normal direction.
4. Study requirements imposed to efforts of tightening of threaded connections.
5. At the corresponding complete set mark position of the CKP sensor before its removal.
6. Do not turn a bent shaft by means of asterisks of the drive of camshafts or other devices.
7. Do not turn cranked and camshafts at the removed GRM drive chain.

Procedures of installation of phases of gas distribution

Replacement of a gas-distributing chain can be made without removal of the engine. By means of the listed below tools the new chain can be connected to old, is thrown asterisks and riveted.

The nut of the viscous coupling has a left-side carving.

Bolts of fastening of the regulator of the inlet camshaft and asterisk of a final shaft [9] are subject to replacement without fail.


1. Bring the piston of the first cylinder [1] into situation 20 ° after VMT.
2. Make sure that cams of the drive of valves of the first cylinder of both camshafts are developed by working ledges up.
3. Install the blocking devices [2] on camshafts.

In case of need correct the provision of a bent shaft within admissible ranges a little (20 ÷ 30 ° after VMT when blocking an inlet shaft and 25 ÷ 35 ° after VMT when blocking a final shaft) for the purpose of simplification of installation of locks. Remember that the camshaft asterisk provorachivaniye on one tooth leads to the shift of a bent shaft approximately on 20 °.

4. On engines with adjustment of the inlet camshaft track that during replacement of a chain uvulas of the regulator remained in situation "delays" [3].

Violation of correctness of assembly can bring to internal damages of the engine as a result of blow of valves about the bottoms of pistons!

5. Before starting implementation of repair procedures, weaken a nut of a natyazhitel [4] on one turn and remove assembly of the last from the engine.
6. Give the sprung nut of a natyazhitel [4], take a finger [5] and a spring [6], then wring out a plunger [7] in the case of a natyazhitel [8] in the direction specified by an arrow. Check a condition of components of a natyazhitel, replace defective units.
7. Install a natyazhitel on the engine and tighten its fixture with the required effort (80 Nanometers). Put in the case [8] a plunger [7], a spring [6] and a finger [5]. Screw a nut [4] and tighten it with effort of 40 Nanometers.
8. Grease the central bolt of a pulley of a bent shaft and its washer. Screw a bolt and tighten it with the required effort [10].