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11:14. Check of the amplifier of a brake

1 — the Vacuum hose
2 — the Brake pipeline
3 — the Main brake cylinder
4 — the Tank of brake fluid

Pressure of a leg of the driver upon a pedal of a brake amplifies by means of the amplifier of a brake due to use of the vacuum arising in the inlet pipeline of the engine. At the diesel engine vacuum, necessary for this purpose, is created by the vacuum pump, fixed on an engine flange. Operation of the amplifier of a brake needs to be checked if braking of the car requires excessively big effort enclosed to a brake pedal.


1. Press a brake pedal at the idle car not less than five times. Then at the pressed pedal start the engine. The pedal at the same time has to move noticeably under the driver's leg.
2. Otherwise open a cowl and uncover the party of the driver over the amplifier of a brake. The amplifier of a brake is located in a motive compartment directly on a partition.
3. Disconnect a vacuum hose (1) at the amplifier of a brake. Start the engine. Having put a finger to the end of a vacuum hose, check whether there is a vacuum.
Diesel engine: Disconnect a vacuum hose from the vacuum pump and check vacuum in a point of accession of a hose.
4. If there is no vacuum, check tightness of a hose and existence of its damages, if necessary replace a hose.
5. If vacuum is available, measure its value, if necessary replace the amplifier (work HUNDRED).