11:11. Removal and installation of the switch of a stoplight

1 — the stoplight Switch 2 — a brake Pedal

The switch of a stoplight is located on a brake pedal support. Check operation of the switch of a stoplight, address the Section of Chapter 60.



1. Switch off ignition.
2. Uncover under the dashboard from the driver.
3. Disunite the socket of the switch of a stoplight (1).

4. Press a stopper (1), turn the switch to the right and take out it from the holder.



1. Take out a pusher (2) of the new switch of a stoplight against the stop. Thus the maximum size of the course is created "and".
2. Completely press a brake pedal. Insert the switch and turn to the left so that the stopper (1) was recorded.
3. Release a brake pedal. At the same time the course of a pusher is established.
4. Join the stoplight switch socket.
5. Check whether the stoplight lamp lights up by insignificant pressing a pedal.
6. Establish into place a cover under the dashboard from the driver, address appropriate section.