7.4.8. Removal and installation of the regulator of tension. Replacement of brushes

Petrol engines 111, 112



1. Remove the generator, address appropriate section.
2. Turn off nuts on plugs.

3. Turn out screws (1) and remove a protective cover (2) from the generator, having parted at the same time lock levels (3).

Depending on model of the engine generators of various power can be installed.

4. Turn out screws (4) and take out the regulator (5) aside. (6) – accession of weight.
5. Replace brushes for what unsolder cables.
6. Check wear of contact rings, if necessary, pierce them and polish (work HUNDRED).



1. Insert new brushes (A) and springs (V) into the brush holder (C) and solder them. The illustration has informative character and cannot correspond to completely considered model.

2. To exclude hit of solder at the soldering of new brushes, hold cables flat-nose pliers.

 Solder leads to curing of ropes that does them not efficient.

3. Establish and fix tension regulator.
4. After installation of new brushes check ease of their course in brush holders.
5. Fix the protection cover on the generator.
6. Fix nuts on plugs.
7. Install the generator, address appropriate section.