2.4. Simplification of landing and disembarkation from the car

Models with memory function

After taking out of a key from the ignition switch, or when opening a door of the driver and turning a key in the ignition switch in situation 0 or 1, for simplification of landing and an exit from the car, depending on installation, the steering wheel moves up and/or the seat of the driver is removed back on 60 mm or to safe distance, in relation to a many-placed back seat.

If at the closed driver's door the key is inserted into the ignition switch, then depending on installation the steering wheel and/or a seat of the driver move to the situation corresponding to the last situation established at start by this key.

By means of the universal display the system of assistance to landing in the car can be switched off and one of functions is activated
· Steering column:

adjustment of provision only of a steering column is made.

· Steering column + seat:

adjustment of provision of a column of steering and seat is made.

(The universal display - see the Section the Multipurpose steering wheel, the universal display).