2.13. Heater of back glass

Turn a key in the lock of ignition in situation 2.


On the control panel of the automatic conditioner of air press the button. On the button the control light-emitting diode lights up.

In case of frosting of back glass outside or coverings it is necessary to remove with its snow before inclusion of heating of back glass ice and snow.

The heater of back glass consumes a lot of electric power. Therefore it should be switched off at once after fogging disappearance.

Heating of back glass is automatically switched off depending on temperature of external air and speed of the movement after about 6 — 20 minutes.

At inclusion of a large number of consumers of the electric power or insufficient state of charge of the rechargeable battery the heater of back glass can be disconnected.

In this case on the button the control light-emitting diode begins to blink.

At restoration of sufficient tension the heater of back glass joins automatically again.