12.2. Suspension bracket of forward wheels

Suspension bracket of forward wheels

1 — the Top support
2 — the Screw spring
3 — the Connecting bar
4 — the Shock-absorber
5 — Cross communication (the back cross lever)
6 — the Stabilizer of cross stability
7 — the Extension (the forward cross lever)
8 — Steering draft
9 — the Rotary fist
10 — the Depreciation rack
11 — the Cross-piece
12 — the Steering mechanism

The forward suspension bracket in the form of triangular cross levers from each party has depreciation racks of McPherson and the torsion stabilizer of cross stability. The third lever of a forward suspension bracket is served by the steering draft connecting the steering mechanism to wheels.

Depreciation racks consist of cylindrical screw springs, shock-absorbers in the form of a double pipe and the top support of the big size. The stabilizer does not participate in the direction of wheels, and through connecting bars is connected with depreciation racks.

Optimum running characteristics and the minimum wear of tires it is reached only in that case when wheels hold the correct position. At the wrong wear of tires, and also at insufficient stability on the road it is necessary to perform optical measurements and, if necessary, to adjust the angles of installation of wheels.