3. Routine maintenance

This Head is made to help the amateur mechanic to support the car in a condition of maximum efficiency of operational parameters, profitability, safety and reliability. Further you will find the full schedule of procedures of routine maintenance of the car, and also the Sections devoted to the description of service of its separate systems in the Head. Sections included descriptions of visual checks, adjustments, replacements a component and other useful tips. Separate a component illustrations with types of a motive compartment and the bottom of the car will help to define location. Serving the car according to the kilometrazhno-time schedule and following the detailed remarks given below, you receive the accurate program of service capable to provide long and reliable service of your car. Remember that this plan is exhaustive, both implementation of its separate points and neglect by others will not give the expected result.

Current leaving

In the course of service of the car you are convinced soon of what is possible - and it is necessary - to combine many procedures in view of similarity of actions for their performance. For example, if the car is raised above the ground for chassis lubricant, it is necessary at the same time while you are under the car, to examine system of production of the fulfilled gases, a suspension bracket, system of steering and fuel system. If wheels are removed for carrying out other works, there is a sense to check brake mechanisms. And at last, suppose, that you had to lend or hire a dynamometer key. Even if it is necessary to you only to tighten spark plugs, you can check at the same time efforts of tightening of so many critical nuts and bolts on how many there will be enough time.

The first step in implementation of the program of maintenance of the car is self-preparation. Attentively study materials of all Sections relating to the forthcoming procedures then prepare all necessary materials, the equipment and tools. If you are afraid to face problems when performing any concrete works, consult at the expert or at the person who was already carrying out this work.

HUNDRED in addition, at each service, by means of the device for poll of memory of malfunctions read out data from memory of malfunctions of electronic monitors of the engine, ABS, a safety cushion and anticreeping system. It is for this purpose recommended to address through certain periods on HUNDRED. At the same time it must be kept in mind that some malfunctions, for example the failed sensors of a control system of the engine, do not lead to noticeable decrease in characteristics of the car. Monitors have the mode of emergency functioning or work at the average values of parameters brought in memory that cannot be revealed by the driver. Poll of memory of malfunctions is carried out via the diagnostic socket.

Service is carried out according to a certain term and a run of the car.