6.2. System of injection of fuel of the petrol engine

· Do not use naked flame, you do not smoke, you do not hold near a workplace of any heated or very hot details. There is a danger of accident! You keep in readiness the fire extinguisher.
· You monitor good ventilation of a workplace. Fuel vapors are poisonous.
· The fuel system is under pressure! Before dismantling of hose connections dump fuel pressure, address the Section Dropping Pressure in fuel system.
· When dismantling hose connections for safety reasons connection needs to be covered with a thick rag.

During the work with elements of system of injection it is also necessary to follow the general safety rules and respect for purity.

Elements of a control system of the engine keep the working capacity for a long time and practically do not demand service. Within carrying out maintenance it is necessary to replace only an element of the air filter and the fuel filter.