6.2.5. Check of injectors

Untight gates create difficulties at start of the hot engine. The damaged injectors lead to operation of the engine after its switching off and lead to interruptions in work.


1. Start the engine on single turns.
2. Check operation of each separate valve by means of a stethoscope. Clicks indicate opening and closing of valves of injectors.
3. If the stethoscope is unavailable, it is possible to perform the same operation with use of the screw-driver or a finger.
4. If unusual sounds or sounds are found are not found at all, then it is necessary to check tension, resistance and tightness of injectors.

Check of tension and resistance


1. Check tension. For this purpose disunite sockets of injectors and attach a diode control lamp between both contacts of a wire. Include a starter (assistant). The light-emitting diode has to blink.
2. If the light-emitting diode does not blink, malfunction can be in the wire or in the control unit.
3. Switch off ignition.
4. Attach to each injector between contacts an ohmmeter and measure resistance. If on any injector resistance differs, replace it.