7.3.3. Diagnostics of electronic system of the automatic air conditioner (AC)

Diagnostic codes besides the special scanner can be schitana from the display of the Quarter control unit. Codes of malfunctions remain even at shutdown of the rechargeable battery.

Reading of codes

Include ignition;

Transfer handles of the choice of temperature to provisions of HI left and LO right;

During 20 sec. after the translation of handles at the same time press and hold the REST and EC buttons during 5 sec.;

The light-emitting diode of the RECIRCULATION key will begin to blink and on the display OFF will appear.

Press the right AUTO button longer 1 sec. If malfunctions in memory are not recorded, in the left part of the display there will be E, and in the right FF. Otherwise in the left part Ebl, and in right - a malfunction code is displayed (address the list of the KV codes below);

For a conclusion of a code of the following malfunction press the AUTO button;

For deleting of codes after their full reading press the right and left AUTO buttons longer 2 sec. In the left part of the display d, in the right FF is displayed;

By pressing the right AUTO button there is a restoration of the erased codes (compare to the codes which are written down earlier);

After removal of codes in the left part of the display E, in the right FF is displayed;

Install the handle of the choice of temperature in normal situation;

Switch off ignition.